Daytime Canopy Tours  

We have several daily canopy tours all week long! Titi Canopy now has 12 ziplines and 22 platforms as well as suspension bridges and a BRAND NEW Tarzan Swing!

Our incredible guides will educate you on the local flora and fauna of the jungle, pointing out different trees, flowers and plants as well as all the wildlife around you - monkeys, sloths, birds, butterflies, numerous bugs and SO MUCH MORE!

At Titi Canopy we share the same ecological corridor with Manuel Antonio National Park, which means we share the same natural beauty that the primary and secondary rainforest has to offer! All ages are welcome to come have the adventure of a LIFETIME!  

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Jungle Night Hike    

Come with us and enjoy the magic of the tropical rain forest in the still of the night.  This tour offers you a unique experience to observe and photograph the nocturnal wildlife in a 100% natural forest habitat. Our guides are extremely knowledgeable and will show you amazing things you cannot see with your naked eye! The Jungle Night Hike is sure to fill you with WONDER and AMAZEMENT!

Night Canopy Tour in Quepos    

A unique night time canopy tour can only be experienced at Titi Canopy Tour, and may be the highlight of a trip to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. 

Your adventure on a Night Canopy Tour begins after the sun dips into the Pacific Ocean and the unusual sounds of the rain forest come to life. 

All of your senses are engaged as you fly through the air with a veil of black that surrounds you. With safety as our number one priority, experienced guides will show you an incredible variety of nocturnal wildlife, while echos of magical chirps only heard at night come alive. Bright round eyes might stare back at you; belonging to a raccoon, olingo, kinkajous, four eyed opossum, sloth or anteater.

At the conclusion of the Night Canopy Tour in Quepos on our property, guests are treated to snacks and a refreshing natural juice.  

With an excellent safety record, experienced guides, state-of-the-art equipment, and a thrill of a lifetime experience, we invite you to take a ride with us on the wild side!