Why Titi Canopy?

Titi Canopy has been in operation for over 15 years and some of our ICT certified guides have been with us since the beginning!  When you choose Titi Canopy, you can be assured that your safety comes first. We use state of the art equipment, our guides are trained in first aid and rescue, and most importantly, we have a perfect safety record!

Titi Canopy is the only zip line tour located close to Manuel Antonio.  We are about 5 minutes from Quepos, the town center of Manuel Antonio.  From pick up to drop off, you will spend about 3 hours with us. With Titi Canopy, you will have time to do other activities or spend more time relaxing on the beach!  The other canopy tours have 45 minutes to 1 hour travel times each way.

Titi Canopy is family friendly and we cater to ages 4 and up! Smaller children will go tandem with our experienced guides. If you are able to walk and climb steps and stairs, you can do Titi Canopy!

"I think I might be afraid to do a zip line." Don't worry, be happy! Our patient guides will give thorough instructions and if you feel apprehensive about it once you get to the starting point or after the first cable, you can quit. We won't tell. What happens in the jungle, stays in the jungle.

Private Reserve

Titi Canopy Tour is nestled within a private natural refuge in the tropical rainforest surrounded by many amazing shades of green vegetation, offering one of the most spectacular sceneries of Costa Rica - The perfect place to gather with friends and family and life one-of-a-kind lifetime adventure!

Our reserve is habitat for more than 40 species of trees, at least 100 species of birds, 50 species of butterflies, 20 different mammal species and 15 different reptiles and amphibians. The most remarkable and easy to spot are the troops of squirrel or Titi monkeys, an endangered subspecies only found in this part of the world, as well as the beautiful singing toucans blended with other exotic birds, home of the Titi Canopy Tour.

La Foresta Nature Resort

Combining unique luxury accommodations with delicious food & warm hospitality, La Foresta Nature Resort is a peaceful bush retreat in beautiful Central Pacific of Costa Rica – a dream come true for nature lovers!

The hotel incorporates energy saving initiatives: solar energy to heat water; recycled water for gardening, self-sufficient micro greens and green house, only Costa Rican staff. Where possible we have used Costa Rican crafts, providing employment for local traditional craftsmen. By finding an economic use for the property and trails we have saved it from deforestation and re-development of the site, protecting endangered species.